Bulk cargo quantity and quality inspection for crude oil, refined fuels, and other petroleum products)

Bulk cargo loss control services help ensure quality and quantity when trading and transporting high value petroleum cargo movements, expertise reduces financial risks to trading parties and coordinate inspection and testing services for petroleum cargo movements, as required by our clients

Loading and/or discharging supervision on bulk liquid cargo transfer between or among vessels, shore tanks and /or transporting vehicles

Bulk liquid cargo quantity surveillance and quality test ascertainment for Animal oil & Vegetable oil

Loading inspection and supervision for animal & vegetable oil as per FOSFA Heating / Compliance cleanliness and suitable of ship’s tank / sampling instruction

Cargo sampling services for testing or retaining purposes

Superintendence of handling and storage for ensuring safety and integrity of storage tanks on regular basis

Tank cleanliness inspection and approval with wall wash analysis additional

Outturn Disputes

Pipeline Transfer

Ship to Ship Transfer

Loss Control attendance

R.O.B minimum control for High pour / High viscosity / Heated liquid cargo

Check / ascertain quantity of shore-tanks / warehouse Inventory periodically

Specific surveillance assignment during or after survey operation

Representative of first or second party's interest protection

Local port loading and discharging information collection

Laboratory test witness

Coordinating for problem solving, protest issuance or recovery application

Other particular assignment related to bulk liquid cargo