Marine survey

Marine Cargo / Machinery damage survey

Major Bulk / Liquid Chemicals Loss or Damage survey

Container damage survey

Wharf collision survey and damage assessment

Oil pollution surveys

Marine incident investigation

Loss adjustment, Recovery, Salvage value processing

Loss prevention survey

Hull Marine survey

Vessel collision survey and investigation and damage assessment

Crew or stevedore injury investigation

Grounding investigations and damage assessment

Vessel or mechanical accident investigations

Hull, cargo hold and machinery damage inspections and evaluations

Vessel equipment damage survey and repair witness

Vessel purchase,scrapping inspection and evaluation

Debris Removal and Wreckage Disposal

Non-Marine survey

Survey and loss assessment inclusive all industrial products of its expertise extends broadly into construction and erection, mechanical and chemical engineering, energy and power, textile, logistic and family property

Value and risk assessment of insurance subject before coverage to be granted

Survey and loss assessment for fire, flood, snow disaster and related burglary insurance, machine damage risk, profit loss danger

Survey and loss assessment for Construction and Erection engineering

Accidental injury and health insurance investigation

Loss adjustment, Claims recovery investigations, subrogation and residual value disposal

Loss prevention survey