Development of Xiangstar Group

1. To become a regional group company with a global market.
Though our company is founded in China, its service is geared up for international markets, with business resources from both domestic and foreign customers. To be a frontline adjusting company in China mainland and development into an regional group company with a global market is our ultimate goal, which means we bring our customers the best quality, our connections with foreign enterprises and insurance organization are numerous and important, and the recognition on us must be widely built up.

2. Quality and expertise make up our services.
Quality and expertise set up customers’ trust and recognition. In addition to regular professional trainings, we actively participate in any chance to exchange with commercial associations and learn from foreign peers, which enables us to maintain our quality, upgrade our profession, promote communications, and improve our reputation. The scope of our business and the scale of our service are extended through growing recognition, upgrading services, and international exchanges and consultancy.

3. The company is making efforts to build up a complete service net with quality, expertise, and sincerity, to acquire recognition and cooperation in a worldwide scale, and, therefore, to make us a frontline adjusting company in China.

4. Our service is promoted through visits on customers.
There is no limit on nationalities in case of adjusting service, which is to say, we are creating a global market. In addition to our stronghold of domestic market with the buyers/sellers, international business traders, forwarders, insurance agencies or brokers, P&I clubs, ship-owners’ agencies and reinsurance companies, we promote our service worldwide through catalogues, website, pamphlets and professional visits.

5. Development in international joint.
Through active membership in international associations, our company will create connections with foreign peers, buyers/sellers, vendors/vendees, traders as well as well-known insurance agencies and brokers. In doing this, the future of the cooperative bodies and us is bounded and our market is developed through collective efforts, so that our service will gain wide recognition, which can help extend China’s trade and adjusting business into foreign markets.

6. A business based on worldwide net.
In the service industry, another key of success is the building of an information net of business resources. It is a win-win strategy to build connections among peer companies from different countries, extending our service into various areas in inspection, survey, assessment, adjusting, recovery agency, and subcontracting.

7. Excellent service and advertising.
As a service vendor, we full understand that the optimizing of operation and communications is critical in way of promoting its service and recognition.

8. The building of an enterprise website and internal net. Building a strong cyber net with a wide coverage is also a key element in business creation. Fast and efficient communication in low cost and well-grounded knowledge in local condition, which is a great concern of customers, will be an achievement from the company’s net building.

Xiangstar Inspection, Survey and Test Technology Services Standard

1. Xiangstar team is operated by resourceful inspectors / surveyors and managed by senior management personnel who all are from internationally renowned organizations and have sound working experiences and knowledge of practices coordinating assignment with oversea principal, government agency and local port authority. It not only makes effecting settlements for the buyers and sellers in international business and trade, the insurers and insured, resolves disputes, but also feels obliged to level up the local industry for international standards and recognitions. Certainly, with its reliable services, the company is gaining reputation and recognition among professionals.

2. Getting the information feed back at the first moment to Client is always the first concern in our service. For whatever the problem encountered at site, being part of its duty, Xiangstar’s inspectors / surveyors are always working at its best under a proper investigation and reports along with suggested approach, solution and the background reason for client’s consideration for advance action decision.

3. Long-standing independence and integrity, dedicate to providing the professional and qualified services, developing survey skills and techniques and acting according to recognized international rules and practices, to serve our Principals in the style of independence, objectivity, impartiality and 24 hours round-the-clock. It is also looking forward to innovative and technically sound solutions of the problem for our principal.

4. Applied International Standard Our services as per detail given above are provided according to recognized international standards for general cargo, daily consumables, industrial products, petroleum and petrochemicals industries such as ISO, ASTM, API, ANSI, ASME, NACE, DIN, BS, IEC, API, JIS and IP. Government authorities, agencies and industry of different industries and products acknowledge our certificates and reports.

5. The following content is drafted in further realizing the industry’s code of practices, viz. honesty and impartiality, genuine practices, greater reputation, greater efficiency, and, therefore, to meet up with the requests of customers and consignors through quality service in an ongoing improvement.

1. Orientation and Obligations
a) issuing adjustment documents independently, impartially, scientifically, and efficiently
b) fully understanding customers’ requests in realizing their expectations
c) providing high-quality service and additional benefits through loss adjustment and technical consultancy

2. Service Policy
a) responsibility and conscientiousness
b) neatness and civilities
c) a painstaking attitude
d) practices above illicit charges and commissions
e) an endeavor in building and guarding company reputations

3. Service Standard
a) a commitment of 24-hour service
b) all services provided by certified inspectors, surveyors & loss adjusters
c) mobile technologies being a must for on-site surveyors (including laptop, digital camera, and wireless technology)
d) strict confidentiality for customers and consignors
e) draft preliminary report provided within 24 hours and normal report issued within 2 work days (if the condition allows)

4. Supervision & Complaints
a) On-site surveyors charged for half-heartedness, peremptoriness, or rudeness during work should, if allowed, apologize to relevant persons, otherwise be penalized up to the administrative level.
b) On-site surveyors charged for extortion, graft, hampering, act of revenge, or abuse of power should, if allowed, apologize to relevant persons and return the illicit gains, otherwise be punished with disciplinary warnings or, if necessary, dismissed from the office.

Please write your complaints to the company’s Quality Assurance Department The line of complaint is +86 021 5217 4518 or 5217 4511 (Fax) Attn: Mr. Thommy Tan Above standards are executed on establishment of the company

About Xiangstar Team in China services skill introduction

1. Good communication and double quick test facilities
At all of Xiangstar site operation, we are well equipped with capable and competent marine surveyors and necessary facilities including Laptop, Digital camera, Mobile telephone on line system to all of inspectors / surveyors, we also own five sets of available imported gas free tester and Portable Multi Detectors (MSA, MX2100 OLDHAM, made in USA and France) for detecting the contents of dangerous gas and cargo, six sets of Thermo-probe Digital Gauging (TP5-C/TP-7/TP-9, made in USA) for determining the temperature of petroleum, petrochemical liquid cargo, two set of Ultrasonic Detector for hatch cover tightness and airproof performance (SDT-IMCS SHERLOG TA - TYPE APPROVED, made in Belgium)for ascertaining the vessel’s hatch cover tightness and full set of latest IMDG code documents to assure all of operation to be controlled and make sure a prompt responding feedback and minimize survey cost to our principal. MC-7825PS Multi -functional moisture tester. Portable UTI for oils actomatic temperature / ullage measurement. BJYX density tester for petroleum products. JYX moisture content tester for crude oil. DX1260 energy dispersion X ray fluorescent light sulfur content tester. Portable UT300 Ultrasonic thickness meter. G20 METTLER-TLEDO automatic potentiometric titrator. MINI TEST720 EPK coating thickness gauge, 456B ELCOMETER coating thickness gauge. Portable BX-1 saccharimeter and so on.

2. Xiangstar Technical ability and Human resources
Up to now, Xiangstar Team in China employs more than 150 people, among of this, we possess of:-
1. Over 85 percentage staff own over high education level inclusive of homecoming professional person who study abroad, master diploma and university bachelor degree;
2. The professional and qualified surveyors / inspectors graduated from maritime university and had ocean navigation work experience, and/or worked experience in previous independent and third party inspection companies make up of Xiangstar team’s core resource and high level of competitory ability

3. Most of surveyors and inspectors had the surveying and the certificates for surveying and loss adjusting approved by China Insurance Regulatory Commission and the certificates for inspection and survey of Imp. & Exp. Commodity approved by National Quality Surveillance Inspection and Quarantine Bureau and the ISO 9000 or ISO/IEC 17020 certificates for the Competence Inspection Bodies as Type A inspection body quality system auditor or leader auditor. CWI and IWI welding inspector certificate, FROSIO level III coating inspector NACE level II/III coating inspectors, ASNT UT/RT/MT/PT level II/III NDT inspectors, IIMS marine industry surveying certificate and IFIA certified inspector of petroleum etc.