Donated books for underprivileged children by community


The activity of donating books for underprivileged children had 3 stages and it was taken 1 month. At the first stage, the underprivileged children filled up the “Wish Card” from 30 different neighborhood committees, then all the “Wish Cards” were collected by North Sichuan Road Party. At the second stage, according to the “Wish Card”, the North Sichuan Road Party listed all the books names and amounts for all the Party members. Our company chose child LIN YI from Kunshan neighborhood committee and child CHEN QI DONG from Zhengxing neighborhood committee. We bought the books named 《The complete Sherlock Holmes Set》and 《Charles IX》which they wrote on the “Wish Cards”. At the third stage, the North Sichuan Road Party held the ceremony of donating books, and also did the English coaching for all the children. Meanwhile, our company still donated some school supplies and wrote the best wishes on the cards. We hope all the children can achieve their goals.