Donated to Mr. YIN FANG XUE


On November 10, 2016, Mr.YIN FANG XUE who from Shanghai company PSICU department had cerebral infarction, and he was done the craniotomy by the Shanghai Neuromedical Center, it was quite dangerous and his family spent several hundreds of thousands RMB, it would be more fees later. Mr. YIN FANG XUE was born in March 1977 and joined our company after he graduated from Shanghai University of Sport mater degree. He has a happy family with one daughter and one son. He works very hard and has the good relationship with colleagues. The managements of our company went to the hospital at once to visit him and his family. After colleagues heard this news, they reached out their hands, in the short period of 3 months, Shanghai colleagues donated 28,400 RMB, Ningbo colleagues donated 3,900 RMB, Dalian colleagues donated 3,400RMB, Guangzhou colleagues donated 2,788 RMB, Qingdao colleagues donated 6,500 RMB, Tianjin colleagues donated 3,600 RMB, Xiamen colleagues donated 2,100 RMB. North Sichuan Road Party donated 9900 RMB. Company donated total 39,412 RMB, sub-total donation is 100,000 RMB.