Donated to Mr. LIU QIU GUANG’s wife


Around the mid-autumn festival eve in 2014, Mrs. SUN HUA MEI (Mr. LIU QIU GUANG’s wife) had the blood vessel rupture and bleeding of cervical spinal cord by the accident. Because of the bleeding part closed to the medulla, damaged to nervous centralis compression, almost no signs of life. In the case of powerless by the local hospital, she was sent to the Zhujiang Hospital of Southern Medical University for emergency treatment. Mrs. SUN HUA MEI stayed in the ICU for 18 days, and then transferred to the general ward with autonomous respiration. During the period in ICU, she became totally paralyzed and increased the work difficulty of nursing personnel. It costs more than 4000RMB per day in ICU, and 1400RMB to 2000RMB per day in general ward. They spent more than 140,000 RMB during this 2 months in the hospital. Doctor suggested to do the rehabilitation at the beginning of 6 months which is the best timing for recovery. Since Mr. LIU QIU GUANG had no money on hand. Among the 140,000 RMB, the 80,000 RMB were borrowed from his friends and relatives. As soon as our company knew about this thing, we donated 33,660 RMB as the economical aiding for his family. And wish his family goes well in the future.